2002: St Albans, the worst Rovers team ever, all fur and no knickers

Thursday 31st January 2002

This diary is written a few days late because the day was so busy. We moved house and it was as easy as it could be. Home and Away arrived at 8 and had packed their van by 12. They were brilliant and packed all the glassware on the morning of the move. As usual we then had to sit around for an hour while we waited for notice that we could move in to 30 College Road. We dropped off the keys at 12.45 and arrived at St Albans at 2.They confirmed the move was all ready when we called in to the estate agents in town and they moved stuff in between 2.30 and 5. In the usual moving in style we found the chippy around the corner and cracked open the champagne in the living room at 7. Priority was then making sure the bed was made and the heating working properly.