1996: A year of first and lasts

Thursday 5th December 1996



The view from Hunters Reach December 5th 1996

Woke up to a decent covering of snow. Both our schools were closed to pupils as too  was our local one so there was nothing left to do but make the most of a rare day off. Fiona of course decided it would be a good idea to finish off some preparations for the school concert and shamed me into doing some marking and report writing. The good thing about the pupils at Wendover is they don’t create a lot of marking. The bad thing is there are always some reports to write or records to complete.

I was bored silly by 11 so persuaded Fiona that we should go for a nice long walk in the snow. We set out around 12 and arrived in Stony for 1. The route took us through Bancroft, New Bradwell then Wolverton and along the canal and river to Stony. It was only right that we should drop in the Vaults to check that everyone was o.k. in this weather. It was like an old school reunion of Denbigh folk so we were able to catch up with Roger Siewert and Tim Hawkins over a pint.

We walked back through Galley Hill and Two Mile Ash, getting home at around 4. A good walk and well worth it. A night of watching the T.V. Third rock from the Sun, Crocodile Shoes and Question Time. Snowing again, looks like tomorrow may be off work wise as well.


Crawley Town 5.11.16

Or: Thankfully no fireworks at Crawley.

The Journey

Ronnie arrived the customary three minutes late but I was able to make up the time and pick up Coventry Bob as the stroke of Ronnie’s watch reached 3 minutes past 8 and the radio played the  8 o’clock pips. This was a rare Saturday where we were taking our own strain courtesy of striking Southern Train Rail Staff and a 12 o’clock kick off. This would also have explained why the travelling hordes were somewhat fewer than normal as the guarantee to get to the game by 12 must have been severely limited by the intransigence and poor management of Southern Rail. Another three of our gang were being driven by Geoff the unnamed. Their car would arrive and deposit them on the terrace. Not literally of course but as the photo shows, Geoff, The Real Lord Powell and Peter de Meteor were together and happy to win the prize for spotting Roger Radio first and standing with him throughout the game. We decided the seated tent that ran along the side would offer more protection from the biting cold and maybe afford a better view. Neither of those factors were true.


1990: Phlegm, Fiona and Swindon Town

Saturday 13th Oct 1990

A Brilliant day!

We left around 10 for the game at Swindon. Fiona made us take a flask of coffee and some sandwiches for the car journey. The route was A 421 via Buckingham and Bicester and around the Oxford By pass and on to the A420.  As Fiona was driving we stopped for a pint at the Fox near Faringdon. Nothing real here but convenient. We parked up behind the County Ground around 1.30 and went straight to the match. We were in the Town End, under cover and it was very crowded. We were early enough to get a bar so Fiona could see. Gerry played Tony Pounder up front alongside Devon White. Not sure about that long term but today he scored one and was brought down for the penalty, A 2 – 0 win away from home certainly made a difference. Best bit of the game was Geoff Twentyman’s clearance off the line. He headed it up and over the bar from point blank range. Swindon fans didn’t like it at all. We left and had to walk to our car through them walking behind the stand. Some tosser decided he was so hard and spat over my coat and then ran away like a little kid. Another Swindon fan apologised for his fellow fan and offered a paper tissue to clean the gobbings. On the way back we stopped at the Red Lion at Finmere. A pint or two of London Pride after a win is always good. Home by 9. Watched Where Eagles Dare and Ben Elton with a take away Chinese ordered from Stantonbury.


1989: Times of change, maybe not.

Wednesday 4th October 1989

A rather run of the mill day today. Fiona had a Harvest Festival at school so it was a car load of guitars and tin cans this morning. She also had a school P.T.A. A.G.M at 8 so I decided to nip down the Albert while she was out. No one in particular was there so was home again by 9. Call from David re Saturday. Refereeing at Wycombe. Again Wycombe Vets V Aylesbury Vets. Not sure that this will last long as don’t seem able to shake off the old boys asking for me to do their game. Fiona back at 10.30.


1987: A Birthday, Bletchley Rugby and Denbigh

Friday 18th September 1987

Diary entry

Cream cakes for team. Duty in main playground. Sort out first assignment assessments for “A” level group. Fiona to pick me up at 4.30. Bus to Stony Stratford for 6. Crawl: Vaults bar, Bull, Fox and Hounds, Crown, White Horse, Bekash for curry, taxi home. Joined by Roger S and Tim in Vaults on return. Up early tomorrow for visit to MIL this weekend. No Rugby or cricket so R.T.W. and a bit of stately home or beach visiting.

A Friday night and my 29th birthday. What to do? We decided after school without a plan that a beer and later curry in Stony Stratford would fit the bill of not getting blind drunk but having a celebration with friends who might happen to be around. The drinking crowd in the Vaults usually included fellow teachers, in this case Roger Siewert and Tim Hawkins. Eileen Brackenbury came in later as did Tim Gulliver from Leon. Alex dropped in for a short while but left to do Kate duties in Northampton. Later in the year I would be his best man but for now he was still in the “impress the girlfriend” stage of getting to know her.



16 April  Good Friday 1965

Alan is my eldest brother.

How I imagine Alan’s diary of that day

Woke up late after a lie in to 10. Too many beers in the Kings last night but its Saturday and the weekend. Planned to go to the Rovers on the train but Mum wanted me to take Richard so I drove the car and took him to the game. We had to leave earlier than normal and went to the South Stand where it was a bit quieter than the North Stand. We were soaked walking from the car and back again and couldn’t get a beer with the boys as they were on the other side. Green Un at 6.