Wimbledon 9.4.17

Wimbledon V Bristol Rovers 8.4.17

Travel to the game:

I had noted the night before that the Supporters club coaches would be leaving for the game at 10.15 from the ground. Rose, therefore, was not quite her happy-go-lucky self when the alarm sounded at 6 and we headed off to Bristol Temple Meads in the early morning mists of a Severn Valley not so much Fun Day.


Millwall Away: 12.11.16

Or alternatively: Out with old, in with the new

Transport to game.

Rose gave me a welcome lift to B.T.M. for 7.30. The group gathered as usual in the bar on platform 3 and waited for the departure platform to be confirmed. The initial band included Andy, Ron, Bob and Phil. Martin joined us on the train. Peter and Geoff were going by Megabus and we would meet them later. The train left at 8.20, the earlier than usual time explained by the route of the train being indirect, i.e. via Bath, Warminster, Westbury and then back to the main line at Reading. By luck of the ticket booking my neighbour was Martin. The others were split apart and conversation therefore became difficult. Martin was in full chewing gum mode so I instantly went into ear protection function. I had my phone and my you tube play list to keep my sanity.


A day trip to London

Or: How to use £30 worth of rail ticket when your Football club forgets that you are real people with real lives, jobs and commitments.

We had several options when the Cambridge game was rearranged. The rail company offered on payment of an arrangement fee to change the times and include a journey home the next day. So why not book a hotel room and enjoy Cambridge? Oh and by the way the others would need to take a day off work to make that work.

Alternatively we could just ignore it and swallow the cost.