1982: Denmark, Newcastle and Bristol within a year

Wednesday 4th August 1982

Arrived in Lubeck late last evening so we  had to get sorted with the youth hostel and didn’t see much of the town. The Jugendherberge is pretty good and in a good location, not far from the river. We walked through the centre, a mediaeval island with a fine central square and lots of small bars to sit and watch things go by. We had a breakfast from the local store in the central square and then went to the river and took a harbour trip. It wasn’t exactly what we thought it would be. I was expecting it to be a trip where they pointed out more buildings and distinctive architecture, much like you would get in Amsterdam’s canal trips. Our trip took us way downstream, in among the tankers and industrial dockyards of the Trave River. It was a bit like a brilliant trip on a much larger version of Avonmouth Docks. We caught the train out about 2, next stop Copenhagen. We had to get the train ferry at Puttgarden. The train goes straight on the ferry as a unit and straight off on rails on the other side at Rodby.. It was a good chance to catch up on some sleep.

We decided it would be best to stay a few nights at our next stop. The usual trip to the central tourist information centre said it would be best to go on to Helsingor. Copenhagen was very busy and we were a bit late for the best hostels so we arrived late afternoon to a brilliant hostel near the beach. Halsingor will be worth a day doing the Shakespeare bits. We are planning at least a day in Copenhagen so we have booked two nights before we head back south.