1975: Pilning cricket and some best elevens

Saturday 14th June 1975

No exams to revise for. All is done, so today was all about the cricket. Rode my bike to Pilning at 11 to help mark out the boundary. Kevin was doing the final rolling and Sharon and Mrs Lloyd were on teas today. Came home for some dinner and back up for 1.30.

Played against Oldbury but we lost. I like playing against them, they have some old football mates like Frenchy playing for them. We should have won the game but somehow they scored the runs needed by slogging at the end, I batted O.K. but slowly, for 15 but no one else scored any better. Had a couple of shandies after the game and we had a team Chinese in the pavilion. Topics of conversation in the bar included the EU referendum, The I.R.A. and the National Front. Tomorrow we are playing Southmead Hospital, a much easier game and hopefully I will get a decent bat.

The West Indies beat the Australians in the World Cup and England hammered East Africa.



Saturday 27th May 1972

These photos were taken on the day before this diary entry.

second 7ear rugbyNot the biggest Rugby Team in the world.

Back. Greg Bishop, Steve Williams, Cameron Wilson, Martin Wilson, Chris Reynolds, John McCarthy, Terry Allen, Gary Phillips, Steve Baldwin, Geoff Sargeant

Middle: Trevor Parker, Geoff Dawson, Gavin Madle, Me, Spencer Lee, Geoff Smith, Nicky Saunders,

Front: Chris Studley, Colin Done, John Butler, Neil Catford, Robert Stevens

second year football

Mr Potter

Back: Gary Moore, Steve Williams, Geoff Diamond, Phillip Sage, Leonard Williams, Mark Stone, John McLeod, Gary Phillips,

Middle: Martin Wilson, Me, Gavin Madle, Spencer Lee, Nick Saunders, Adrian Underwood, Gerry Lawrence,

Front: John Evans, Colin Done

second year cricket

And a quick change of kit for this one.

Barry Potter

Back: John Butler, Chris Studley, Colin Thorne, Gavin Madle, Colin Done, Gerald Stedman

Front: Martin Wilson, Adrian Underwood, Me, Gary Phillips, Spencer Lee



Posts about my local area will usually be divided in to three sections. A recollection  will be made about the past, a comment on the present and an interpretation for the future. Here is the first.

Past: A lanky 14 year old stands in the slips.

Sometime, a Sunday in May 1973, a lanky 14 year old played his first match for PIlning Cricket Club. He fielded at first slip, apparently so as to get used to the pace of the game. Colin Reeves raced in, trying to get an edge that would fly in to this keen lads small hands. No catches, not even a chance to bat, but the seed was sown and cricket became the sport for me. My first innings came a couple of weeks later. 2 runs were scored at No.11 in a defeat at Old Down. On August 23rd 1981 I played my last game for the club, home to Sudbrook. In those 8 years I played a few hundred games, scored more than a few hundred runs and bowled a few overs for far too many runs. I left to play for my new club, Rickley Park in Milton Keynes, only ever to return with touring sides to play against them. (more…)