Game 45 Bristol Rovers V Yeovil Town 16th April 2016

Or: Is it really 51 years of watching the Rovers?

If I had the mind of a conspiracy theorist then I might suggest an election for Bristol Mayor is on the horizon.  My theory would comment on the coincidence that, for the second time running, the Bristol Transport system worked like clockwork and I arrived seamlessly in the city centre with half an hour to spare. My twitter feed is full of the red trousered one hailing his own successes and I half expected him to pop up on the city centre and welcome me personally for my afternoon of Bristol merriment. The plan involved meeting old friends and new and, as luck would have it, the first pub opened at eleven and we were all in the pub some time before regular opening at 12.


Game 43: Bristol Rovers V Crawley Town 2nd April 2016

Or: Back to winning ways.

The trouble with Bristol District travel is that occasionally, very occasionally, all buses run to time, connections meet up and the traffic is light. I have learned that it can take anything between 30 minutes and two hours to travel the same 8 mile routes in to town at the same time on the same day of the week. This morning I caught the 10.25 and was in the Triangle in Bristol at 11.12, a full 48 minutes early after a 47 minute journey.


10th March 2011

0r: My last heart attack

At this point I was faffing around with paper updates for the Guides and selling them occasionally through the website. I was updating the pubs when and where I fancied, i.e. in no particularly organised manner. The night before Rose and I had been at Mick’s bagatelle evening. Rose won and we had chatted quite late into the morning. Rose had gone to work, to a Conference and I wouldn’t normally be seeing her again until the weekend.


Game 35: Bristol Rovers V Morecambe 20th February 2016

Or: Realising the potential?

This was billed as the dawn of a new era for Bristol Rovers. For those readers who have locked themselves in a cupboard for a few days the news is that the club has been bought out by a Jordanian businessman and the days of “Rag Bag Rovers” may soon be at an end. Today was to suggest to me that the potential for Mr Al Qadi to get a return on his promised investment is great. Fulfilling potential is all the more likely when an asset has a low base from where to improve. Any change will be good change. The standards we have accepted in the name of our club are so low that any hint of improvement, for example in customer service, will be enjoyed and will highlight the inadequacies of life that we now take as the norm. The biggest problem will be in finding some patience now the Promised Land is seemingly reachable. We have plenty of that virtue in our Rovers fan kitbag. If the club wants to take on the idea of evolution to a new world it may well need a large dollop of our limitless loyalty to make it happen.


Game 33A: Bristol Rovers V A.F.C. Wimbledon 6th February 2016

Or: What to do when it rains in Bristol.

This was planned to be an extended weekend with a crucial game somewhere in the middle. For once, the preparation beers started on Friday night and should continue well into Saturday evening. So it was that we met up with the following plan.

The Team:
Stedders, Coventry Bob, Rose, Hackney Haze, Ian, Graham and Sean. Hazel and Ian are long-time friends and know the form. Sean and Graham are friends of theirs Hazel and Wimbledon away fan regulars.


Game 20: Bristol Rovers V Carlisle 15.11.15

Or: A win at home. A win at home. A win at home.


A bit of a carnival

Transport to game.

We were drawn to the 8.30 breakfast shift at the excellent Algarve Guest House in Weston Super Mare. The Weston Carnival had done its job and the talk across the tables was of the wind and the rain, the drunks and the destitute, carnival clubs and caravan camping. Not for me again. One sample of the flashing lights and thighs left me impressed with the Somerset enthusiasm but curiously under excited about the prospect of getting wet again next year.

My car had made the journey to Weston but had died and was now in a garage awaiting a Monday morning death sentence. We took the train to Bristol Temple Meads. I needed more hydrating / hangover diluting, tea at BTM. Then we took the chugger to Clifton Down and I left to take a No. 1 Bus to our arranged meeting pub in Westbury-on-Trym. I, of course, was now early. At 10 past 12 Ronnie, Bob and Martin the Lion arrived. No apology, just feeble excuses were offered.