Game 49 Bristol Rovers V Dagenham and Redbridge 7th May 2016

Or: We are going up, say we are going up.

The last day of the season has various rituals to be performed. Winning promotion is never one of them. Writing this blog all season was all about this end result and how it turned out was as dramatic as dramatic could be. It true Stedders style it started and ended in the mundane and gloriously normal.


Game 47 Bristol Rovers V Exeter City 23rd April 2016

Or: The Queen isn’t the only one to have more than one birthday.

This version has been delayed by my membership of Noema-Barnetts barmy army this afternoon. He and Krusty put Worcestershire to the sword after tea and while Marshall scored his nineteenth century for Gloucestershire, Kieran neared his first.

So back to yesterday.


Game 15: Bristol Rovers V Notts County 20.10.15

Or alternatively: Back to the future arrives on the 625 Bus

Transport to game.
A late drive up to the game. Park up by 6.30 outside the Wellington. Rose was off saving communities in Manchester. I had spent the day compiling my personal bus and train timetable from home so as to practice my rusty Excel skills. When you live in Pilning it is important to know of the many routes home. The local bus timetable changes next week and now some connect with the train. It is not, however, possible to use any form of public transport to get home after a midweek game.

I did note however that the usual bus time to go from Pilning to Severn Beach is 5 minutes and the bus normally returns 20 minutes later going in the opposite direction. The 9.23 on a Saturday is supercharged and can complete the trip by 9.25. What is even more remarkable is that the bus then enters a time warp and leaves Severn Beach at 9.15 arriving at Pilning at 9.25 going in the opposite direction. Planned is a journey to travel four miles in two minutes, (Excel spreadsheet calculation average speed of 120mph) and also drop off and pick up passengers. If only!


Consultation, a Focus Group and a bus service that is anything but a service.

I have, for the first time in my life, been a member of a focus group. Last evening 12 or so bus users were gathered together at Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre to give our responses for a piece of consultation by Transport Research Company for our local council. The meeting was recorded and no doubt we have provided them with plenty of anecdotal evidence on life on the buses of South Gloucestershire. I won’t bore you with the minutiae of the gripes, they contained stories of rude drivers, the No. 1 Bermuda Triangle, the cost of all day tickets and many others. As a meeting it was chaotic at times, amusing and typically Bristolian in nature. The buses have a lot of goodwill and we tend to put up with so much that others would not. Like everyone at the meeting I came with my own agenda. As the only truly rural dweller using a limited service I felt I had to add a different perspective to those who travel within Bristol itself. I had talked a bit to the locals, including our local Councillor for his views and gathered opinions. My agenda looked something like this. (more…)