About Stedders

I am an ex teacher, publican, pub guide writer, brewery publicist, market research field worker, now early retired. I live in Pilning, near Bristol. Continuing the theme, I played cricket for Pilning, Rickley Park, Shenley Church End, Bletchley Town and Winslow Town. My rugby was played for Bletchley.

3 thoughts on “About Stedders

  1. Lol, my mate Terry Allen says ‘Hi’ wants to know if you’ve any pics of him apart from the rugby team one 1972 ? Cheers


    1. Steve,
      Terry Allen. Now there’s a school name to remember. Unfortunately I don’t have any other photos of Terry. Probably a good idea given Terry’s fondness of getting in to scrapes with teachers and scraps with the rest of us. He was a top mate to have and not a bad footballer as I remember. Haven’t seen him since school and often wonder what he is up to nowadays.
      Sorry I cant help further but in those days it wasn’t the thing to take a camera to school. If only we had smart phones then. Or maybe not such a good idea.


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