About Stedders

I am an ex teacher, publican, pub guide writer, brewery publicist, market research field worker, now early retired. I live in Pilning, near Bristol. Continuing the theme, I played cricket for Pilning, Rickley Park, Shenley Church End, Bletchley Town and Winslow Town. My rugby was played for Bletchley.


  1. Lol, my mate Terry Allen says ‘Hi’ wants to know if you’ve any pics of him apart from the rugby team one 1972 ? Cheers


    1. Steve,
      Terry Allen. Now there’s a school name to remember. Unfortunately I don’t have any other photos of Terry. Probably a good idea given Terry’s fondness of getting in to scrapes with teachers and scraps with the rest of us. He was a top mate to have and not a bad footballer as I remember. Haven’t seen him since school and often wonder what he is up to nowadays.
      Sorry I cant help further but in those days it wasn’t the thing to take a camera to school. If only we had smart phones then. Or maybe not such a good idea.


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