Bury V Bristol Rovers 14.3.17

Or alternatively: Donald’s view of a day out with Stedders and Bob

I didn’t write a report on the Bury trip. On Saturday evening, following a few pints after the Chesterfield game, one of the passengers offered his views of the trip. Donald is a regular, but reluctant commentator on pubs and the trips. With some appropriate subterfuge and arm twisting I managed to get this set of notes on the day. One must remember that Donald is an engineer by trade and writing joined up sentences is not his strength. It is almost as if he was a ten year old on his first day out of town.

Transport to game

Uncle Bob walked me from the canteen at his work at five to one.  He said that Uncle Richard would be very annoyed if we were late so we got there two minutes early. Richard wasn’t at all grumpy when he arrived. He was playing the pips on the radio when we got in his car and he was saying it was good to be there exactly on time. He checked that we had gone to the toilet before we set off because it was a long journey. His car was very nice. It is black and has something called an eco-something engine. My car goes faster than his but it hasn’t been out of Bristol yet and is only used to drive along the Gloucester Road. Richard said he is going to buy me some Bristol Rovers furry dice for the back windows.

We listened to the Archers. It was boring! He then played some music by my favourite composer. Peter Maxwell Davis is just brilliant for driving on the M5. We talked about things, like we always do and then Uncle Bob said he needed to use the loo so we had to stop at a Service Station. Uncle Jim and his friend who sets the quiz were there so I talked to them for quite a long time. I was annoyed ‘cos I wanted them to buy me a coffee for nothing. They didn’t so I decided to slurp my coffee very loudly when we got in the car. I know this really annoys Uncle Richard and he turned the radio up really loud until I had finished.

We arrived in Bury at around half past four and he took us straight to the town centre. Uncle Richard was now grumpy Richard and he wanted to get some sleep and not go to the pub. He pointed out where the best pubs were and went to park his car at the ground. I like going to the pub with Uncle Bob, he buys me lots of beer and laughs at my  jokes.


Parked up near the ground, Good for a quick getaway.

Pre-Match pubs



We liked this pub. It was a food pub but we had already eaten enough. It had quite a few beers but we only had one and moved to the next one. This is how CAMRA describe it. Bobby wrote the names in his diary. I ticked it off in my head.

The Clarence is a Gastropub with fine dining and four floors, serving real ale and real food. It has been lovingly and stylishly restored, to recreate the pub ‘as it was’. The basement houses the Silver Street ‘craft’ brewery, although most of the beer is now at produced at their brewery at ‘The Mill’. The ground floor contains the main bar, now restored to its former place, as shown by the original in situ floor tiles. The restaurant is on the first floor with members cocktail bar (open Fri/Sat), on the second floor.


This was another new pub but it wasn’t as good as the others.

Large modern pub converted from a bank and situated in the culture quarter close to the Metro-link/bus station and the East Lancs. Railway. The impressive interior consists of two floors with a mezzanine. The top bar doubles as a free function room with a private bar. The main lounge and bar provide a comfortable mix of tables, chairs and sofas. Food includes homemade pies, specials and Sunday roast. Free pool on Thursday nights. Sky + BT sports is shown on several tv’s and 8 foot screen. DJ every Friday and Saturday night. The pubs sells several cask ales including guests. Cask ale club, buy 8 pints & get one free.

We were supposed to go to the Automatic Café bar but I couldn’t remember the name but I knew it began with an A. When we got to the Art Picture House it was closed so we both blamed Uncle Richard, laughed and went off to find the Trackside.


This is what Uncle Richard wrote in his very old book about pubs.

This station cafe has become a popular stop – off for rail enthusiasts. It is a haunt for local ale fans and families in the daytime. Check out the website to see if you can combine a stream train ride with a trip to Gigg Lane. There are always loads of rarer ales on offer and I found on my early evening visit a very dedicated group of locals in earnest discussion with the landlady over the ales and their varying merits. This was a cue for a brewery delivery, lashings of rain and a kind lift to the next pub. Bury residents certainly gave visitors a fine welcome. Between December 2002 and Dec 2004 974 different ales have been sold, mostly at times when the E.L.R. runs steam special events. It is a haunt for local ale fans and families in the daytime. UPDATE The platform seating may be covered in the next year; otherwise the pub just gets better and more unusual with the count of ales reaching 1500+. RS

Well, he wrote a load of rubbish there. The bar has been moved and they aren’t even in the CAMRA guide any more so I couldn’t tick it off. There weren’t any trains and it wasn’t even raining. We walked to our next pub.

Rose and Crown

This pub wasn’t very good either. The only good thing was that we met up with one handed Geoff the Pike man. He had come with Peter, the one with the long white hair.

A traditional friendly community pub just a short walk from Bury town centre. There is an impressive range of up to eight real ales on handpump with flights of three thirds available for the price of a pint. On match days it is popular with Bury FC home fans, the pub being open two hours before kick-off. A live acoustic night (8:45 till late) is held on the first Thursday of every month.

We walked to the ground. We got a very hot pie and went and sat near to the others in the stand.


Donald, Bob and Geoff stroll in five minutes before kick-off.

The Game

Bury 3 Bristol Rovers 0 Attendance 2,535 (346 Gas)

I shouted at the referee a lot. He was rubbish but as much as I shouted he wouldn’t listen to me. Uncle Richard went a very strange shade of red and tutted more than he usually does. Stuart Sinclair was sent off for falling over. To be fair he didn’t send their players off when they did the same but gave them a free kick and once a penalty. The Bury fans liked that and banged on their drum very loudly. They scored three times and every time they played a loud noise to cover up the sound of the Bury fans banging their drum. The Rovers players looked very tired at the end. So was I. We clapped them off the pitch and cheered very loudly. The referee still wasn’t listening as we shouted at him. He wasn’t listening to anyone, Even the linesman was ignored when he gave us a free kick and Rory got pushed. He didn’t fall over but was booked. There centre half smiled at as when he gave them a free kick for him handling the ball.


Joe Lumley 6 Lee Brown 6 Tom Lockyer 7 Lee Mansell 6 Chris Lines 6 James Clarke 5 Byron Moore 5 Billy Bodin 5 Stuart Sinclair 5 Luke James 6 Ryan Sweeney 6 Cristian Montano 6 Jake Clarke-Salter 5 Rory Gaffney 6

Entertainment Value 2

Man of the Match: Tom Lockyer

Pub of the Day: Clarence

Beer of the Day: Not telling.

The journey home.

I went to sleep by Manchester. I woke up when Uncle Richard started swearing. We were going through Holmes Chapel on some very small roads. We listened to some organ music on Radio 2. Then we turned over for some loud music on Radio 1. Our next trip off the motorway was at Birmingham when we went through West Bromwich. We then listened to a very interesting programmes on Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, then Phil Collins and finally Don Henley. The best diversion was the last one because we went past the G.C.H.Q, in Cheltenham. We dropped off uncle Bob at 2.30 in the morning. I had a cup of cocoa when I got home at 10 ten 3.

It was a very long and tiring day. I was very, very, tired.

Next Up

Coventry Away Saturday 25th January

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  1. Unfortunately the library in Bury closed at 5 p.m., so I wasn’t able to post a picture of it on the ‘Where am I posting from right now?’ thread on The Fall Fans’ Forum. I had rag pudding, chips and peas from Thompson’s Fish & Chip Shop. It was good quality (especially the meaty pudding) and plentiful, but 65p dearer than a similar meal (gravy rather than peas) I had from The Olympus Fish Bar in Bolton 2 weeks previously.
    The less said about Mr. Ben Toner the better. I gather he’s from Darwen (not a million miles from Bury) but, of the previous Rovers’ matches he’d refereed, we’d won them all except away at Scunthorpe on the opening day of this season!


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