1995: An away fan every week

A Home game V Rotherham from our home in Milton Keynes


Rotherham in Bath on a Wednesday night

By March 1995 I had had enough of Denbigh School. I had been Head of Humanities and resigned from that role in a fit of pique over Mrs Parkinson’s request that I should continue to do so as a temporary and shared Head of faculty. A couple of years later and I was work experience co-ordinator and had integrated the process into the school curriculum. I had achieved the best ‘A’ Levels results in the Geography department but apparently I wasn’t the face to fit as head of Sixth Form. Ofsted rated my teaching as very good and tutor group work as outstanding. What a joke that was. I could feel myself getting more angry and militant every year. Rovers was becoming increasingly more important in my life work balance.

Diary entry

Wednesday 22nd March 1995

To Do

Meet Pete Dolan re next year work experience dates

Task list from last night’s Dept. meeting

  • Estmated grades update
  • Work Experience feedback forms – outstanding pupils
  • Rework Work Experience module
  • Coursework list


Registration – Check Attendance – Tim E ok? Nicky W?

P1 Leisure and Tourism – Project reports.

P2 Year 8 – Changes module

Break Duty – field

P3 – Free Check lists and forms for work experience, estimated grades

P4 – Year 9 – Buddhism  part 3

Lunchtime – Find missing forms, see tutors. Packed lunch with Dave Sulley talk about W/E next year

P5 – A Level Geography – Revision planning exercise.

Quick leave

Pick up Fiona by 4.

Notes for day.

Down to the last 10 forms to be returned. Good feedback overall from students with a few moaners. Will have to argue to keep the three week placements. Think the Head wants to go down to just a week. Need to rewrite and refresh the Humanities module. We have done it too long and it needs a restart. This is last of “A” level Teaching. Won’t be doing it next year,my choice. Must get applications out this weekend. Will need to go over W/E with Dave again. He will need a second explanation.

School was a run of the mill day. I need a change. The Work Experience bit is o.k. but I have hit my boredom threshold again. Time to look for a new school and something different. I fancy doing something with Special Needs students and the course I have applied for looks good. One day a week course in Aylesbury leading to a diploma certificate looks interesting as part of the school further development training. I appear to be too out of the Denbigh loop for the action research group. The suggestion of this course is an obvious hint to look for promotion somewhere else. No change there then.

Picked up Fiona at 4. She was full of her usual enthusiasm for the first hour of the journey. Her back is really bad and tomorrow she must sort out a chiropractor appointment. End of term is always mad for her. By about Oxford we could start to think about the game. The usual route of Buckingham, Bicester, Oxford, Swindon, Bath. We parked up on the Lower Bristol Road. Time enough for a quick pint in the Full Moon at about 6.30. We had Fiona’s cold curry pie and sausage rolls on the way down. We took our usual place under the tree in the family enclosure. Woody and family were there and had a chat with Mhairi and Cyril.

Our record of the game

Scores are our rating out of ten done on the way home

Bristol Rovers 2 Rotherham United 0



Brian Parkin 6, Dave Pritchard 8, Lee Maddison 7, Marcus Browning 5, Billy Clark  8, Andy Tillson 8. Worrell Sterling 8, Paul Miller 7, Gareth Taylor 6, Justin Skinner 8, Lee Archer 8, Subs; Justin Channing for Archer, Mike Davis, Shane Higgs

Goals Taylor, Clark


Clarke, Wilder, Hurst, Richardson, Monington, Breckin, Hayward, McGlashan, Todd, Goater, Roscoe, subs Faraday, Varadi, Pierce

Referee Mike Bailey 8

Attendance 4420

Game 2/5

Today was our fourth win in a row and we are up to 5th. Easy drive home. Home at 12, in bed after checking report on Ceefax by 1.


1986       2nds Royston A L 6-0

1994       Wrexham A 1-3

1995       Rotherham H 2-0

2000       Reading A 0-2

2003       Hartlepool H 1-0

Next Entry 31st March 1969

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