2011: A panic attack?

0r: My last heart attack

At this point I was faffing around with paper updates for the Guides and selling them occasionally through the website. I was updating the pubs when and where I fancied, i.e. in no particularly organised manner. The night before Rose and I had been at Mick’s bagatelle evening. Rose won and we had chatted quite late into the morning. Rose had gone to work, to a Conference and I wouldn’t normally be seeing her again until the weekend.

Diary Entry

10th March 2011

To Do List

  • Cleaning – Upstairs
  • Mow the Lawn – This afternoon
  • Archers and afternoon play -2-3
  • Pint in the Kings Arms – 8

I have a pretty boring routine. I will have to do something with this database. Pretty fed up at the moment and drinking too much tea. I decided to put a pot of coffee on to drink through the day. Haven’t done this for a very long time but just wanted a change. The palpitations started about 9 in the evening and the hot sweats as I went to bed. I couldn’t get to sleep and could feel my heart racing. Here we go again. Stupid, Stupid bloke. If I could ride it out I would be fine, it’s just a panic attack. Nothing to worry about. By 3 I was sat downstairs and still no change. Phoned the emergency number and waited downstairs for them to arrive.

The ambulance was with me in about 10 minutes. They couldn’t find a line for the drip so there was quite a delay getting going. The trip was straight to the Heart Department at the BRI. I remember being whisked straight in to the operating room and within a very short time they said they would be putting in a stent via angioplasty.

I have been through the angiogram investigation before but not the attempt to put in a stent. It soon became clear by the puzzled faces that the procedure was not going well. I asked them if all was o.k. and the surgeon replied with ”hmmm, not really.” He said they would give it one more try but it seemed that they were unable for whatever reason to get a stent to where they wanted it. The curious thing about this procedure is that you can see everything on the screen above your head.

By 5 in the morning I was on a ward and the monitoring was in full action. They commented on the heart attack evidence and the lack of any new intervention. I would be going home once the blood pressure was under control. I felt pretty stupid and very annoyed with myself.

I was in for another day. Val and then Rose came in and I had obviously scared them a bit. I just felt very foolhardy and annoyed. I couldn’t breath as well as I did before the event but they didn’t appear to want to do any more. In the meantime Val and Rose had been home and cleared my house of any cigarettes I might have. On Saturday Rose took my Rovers ticket and watched the game V Huddersfield. During the time of the game I was taken home by Val. I must have been recovering fairly well because I was able to walk up Cotham Brow to the car park.


Bristol Royal Infirmary Heart Operating Theatre


1993       Derby A 1-3

1998       York H 1-2

2001       Bury H 2-0

2007       Boston A 1-2

2009       Hereford A 3-0

2012       Torquay A 2-2

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Fieldtrips in the Lake District

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