1978: Student life for me

1st March 1978 Life at Southampton University.

geog soc
GeogSoc Football Team

Not taken on this day

Willingale. Manners, Searle, Wilkes, Robertson, Boughton, Ovendon, Stedman

Wiseman, Gerrard, Tilley, Efstathiou, Osborne, ????

Wednesday 1st March 1978

Diary entry

It was a long ride up the Avenue this morning. Should have taken the bus but needed bike for this afternoon.
• 9 – 10 Statistics Usual waste of time. Only useful bit was getting Tolhurst to share his Rivers work for the IT assessment. I can now, courtesy of the proto Army Captain, order the rivers of the world using a set of punch cards and write a basic, very basic, set of coded lines. We have to get set of cards in by next week.
• 10.10 – 11.10 Meteorology – Decent set of notes made on Adiabatic Lapse Rates. Immediately handed over to Martin Searle as he somehow didn’t quite make it. Quite enjoy these sessions but the teaching is a bit dry. Helen is still avoiding me. Wouldn’t take much to acknowledge my presence.
• Rattled off the crossword with Jo and Rose in the refectory. Computer room full again. To Geography Library to check on team for this afternoon. Paul Bogie was in fine form. Team for this afternoon SW, DM, CW, JO, MG, MS, IW, AT, JE, RS and GB. Sub AR
• 1. Walked bike with the rest of team to Wide Lane. Arrived early as usual but good chance to wind up Frank the Groundsman before we got changed.
• 2.30 Geog Soc V Estudiantes – one of the better teams in Intra Mural Wednesday League. We won 4-1 J E 2, RS 2. Should win league now.
• Bike back to Monte for a cup of tea with Liz and Sally. Helen not there so all was o.k. Bike on to home via Wessex Lane, Portswood Road, Onslow Road, Mount Pleasant and then 6 Derby Road.
• John cooking at 6 – Pork Chops again.
• The Glebe Pool match – Went well. Everton didn’t chase after anyone and Doddsy, yes Mark flipping Dodds, won his game. We lost 6-4.
• Martin was off on one again. I am sure he is just trying to wind me up and he usually succeeds. He likes Night Fever?

• Get the polythene sheeting down from my room window. Winter is officially over.
• Sort out next door’s cats.
• No money in the Kitty Jar again.

• Richard Tolhurst was one of the others on the course. “Borchard” had a bursary from the Army and was frankly very straight. If he was Borchard, I was Pilchard. Don’t ask. I never did. I would rather not know. These names were created by Rose and Jo. Tolhurst shared a flat with Peter above a launderette in Derby Road.
• Helen is Helen Brunning. The love of my life through most of the first year at Uni, I ballsed up big time with her. Looking back, at this time, I was a bit of a pain in the neck.
• Jo is Joanne Zelie Seddon or to me, Z. Rose Seagrief is The Rose, with whom I now live and love. We, as a threesome met up most days to tackle the Telegraph Crossword. The dynamics of we three might have been interesting to those on the outside. In reality we were just really good mates. I lived in awe of Rose in particular. She knew stuff about all the things I didn’t. this was why I went to Southampton. I wanted to meet people like Rose. I couldn’t get my head around Jo, who had boundless energy but ploughed it into a series of men who, as I saw them at the time, were dubious geezers of the military public school boy type. Jo and Rose are life long best friends. You know that I drifted off but lately we have re discovered something to share.
• Paul Bogie was the departmental Librarian. He didn’t like the social aspect of our library. To me it was a common room for Geog. Soc. We clashed.
• Liz Newbold and Sally Walden shared a flat in Montefiore House with Helen.
• We lived at number 6 Derby Road. The Glebe was a very rough pub at the end of Derby Road. John Butler, Mark Dodds, Martin McMahon and I occasionally played for the team. Our other house mate Phil Barrington did not. The Glebe is still there but renamed the King Alfred. No. 6 sadly, is no more.
• Everton was the Glebe team’s wide boy and enforcer. He had a certain reputation among the St Mary’s cognoscenti. We learned pretty soon not to ask questions other than “can you get us into Zoots on Friday? The answer was usually yes. We usually regretted it. Everton had his own personal Academy he visited every few years.


1980 Southampton V WBA H 1-1
1995 Hull H 0-2
1997 Walsall H 0-1
2003 Exeter A 0-0
2011 Colchester H 0-1
2014 Northampton A 0-0

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