1958: Joy Elizabeth, a lucky escape.

18th September 1958

toddler richard

Stedders as a toddler

The Photo was taken in the front garden of No. 6 Albert Road in Severn Beach. Each house, built in the early 50s, had a privet hedge to the front and sides. The Findlay’s outside toilet wall became the rebounder of many a football and tennis ball. The hedge had to put up with our “Grand National” jumping over or through it.

I don’t remember the car itself. It didn’t survive the rivalry of three small boys. I do remember the lazy eye.

Granny Howse was Mabel Howse, nee Sims. She lived in Station Road in Pilning at the time I was born. She brought up three boys and my Mum on her own after my Grandad died in 1931. Life for her must have been pretty hard.

My Mum was Eileen Stedman. She married Harold and I was the fourth of six children. When I was born my elder brothers were Alan 14 and Tony 9. My sister Valerie was 12.

I was born on this day.

The diary extract is how I imagine Granny Howse recording it.

Diary Entry

“Eileen had her fourth today. She and the boy are both well. He weighed 8lb. 10 oz. and was born overnight in Bristol Maternity Hospital.

What were Harold and Eileen thinking of when they decided to have another child? You would think life was hard enough having their three without having another mouth to feed and clothe. I know what it is like to have three boys and a girl. It is really hard work and she will have no time for herself for years and years. Just when the children were getting to the age when things could get easier they have burdened themselves with another. If they think I can help, they have another thing coming. I am too tired for that malarkey. She is 36 for goodness sake. Harold will have to work all the hours he can.

I know they wanted a girl. Joy Elizabeth would have been nice company for Valerie. Richard Edward will have plenty of love and care but not a lot of fun unless they get their heads on. Where will they all sleep? At least this will be the last child.

I hope they will bring him in to see me when they can. Eileen will be home from hospital soon.

I must write and tell my boys the good news.”



1982    3rds St Ives A W 11-3 1t

1993    Rotherham A 1-1

1994    Stony Stratford H W 44

1999    Oldham H 3-2

2001    Southend H 2-1

2004    Lincoln H 0-0

2010    Dagenham and Redbridge A 3-0

2012    Plymouth A 1-1


Next week 13th December 1959

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