Diary year by year

The next project for my blog has been burning within the Stedders space for a few years now. I wanted to formalise my thoughts in a piece of work that wasn’t a traditional auto-biography. Thinking about the average attention span of the average blog reader I wanted short pieces that give brief insights into my past. The pieces will be un-ashamedly self-indulgent and personalised.

The format will always be the same. I kept a teaching diary throughout that part of my life. I also have kept membership cards for football and cricket with details of results and scores. Most importantly I have Fiona’s diaries from when we married in 1985 to the time of her death in 2004.
Using those  pages I  will include the following:-
1. A list of sporting achievements and matches watched on the day chosen,  in history.

The Rugby results are for Bletchley Rugby Club with score and, if appropriate, tries, penalties or conversions.

The Cricket scores for either Patchway School, Pilning, University, Rickley Park, Shenley Church End or Winslow. They are in the format of Opponent, Home or Away, runs scored, overs, maidens, runs and wickets, then catches.
Games watching Bristol Rovers with H or A and result.
Cricket games watching Gloucestershire with name of County watched that day.

locations for Holidays in the USA

2. Some context for the photograph and diary entry.

3. A diary extract.

This will be a re-created, often imagined, diary entry. Based on real events recorded in the originals I have decided to rewrite them as if blogging existed back in the day. In some cases they will be totally imaginary. This is particularly true for my very early years, where obviously I didn’t keep my personal record.

4. A photo pertinent to the day or year.

The pages will be published on a weekly basis. There will be roughly one page each week, 

Over the next 57 weeks what will emerge is 57 entries that will cover one day in each year of my life and one day for every week. I hope then they might be read together as a snapshot of my life.

I should repeat my assertion that the blogs are for my self-interest, to see if the format works. I have no interest in building a readership or being bound to the writing of this story. It should also be taken as a tale. The facts included are not really facts, they are observations from my memories that are somewhat vague at times.



  1. I enjoyed reading your imagination of your granny’s take of the day you were born. Love the sweet little picture of you as a toddler. Didn’t remember that you had already married Fiona before I left Leon in 1988. How come I don’t remember meeting Fiona?


    1. We were married in 85. Met at a schòol staff disco in 83. She taught with anne gunn, Pete gunns wife, in aylesbury. I am sure you would have met somewhere I left Leon before you though.


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