Leyton Orient V Bristol Rovers 29.8.2015

Transport to game.

Lift to Station for 7.45. There was a strike by one of the Rail Unions and times were likely to be a bit haphazard so we decided to get there as soon as possible to take what was available, as and when it became available. In our case the planned 8.33 was cancelled but we were able to catch the 8.03 from Temple Meads that arrived on time sometime nearer to 10. The “we” in this trip was Coventry Bob, Ron, Mumbles, Tim, John (the trampoline) and Nikki the Purse.

Pre-Match pubs

Mad Bishop and Bear

mad bishop

By dint of Lord Powell Tours on our London days out we always appear here very early in the day. It was too early for a pub in town so breakfast it had to be. The Kitty was collected and jointly spent on my second breakfast of the day and a passable first pint was downed. Some simple planning was done. No it wasn’t. The team appeared to be clueless as to any plan of how to get across the city and when and where to get tickets for our journey that was paid up to Stratford. Like the Pied Piper I led our sorry crew via the Bakerloo and District line to Stratford. I know that it is quicker to walk to Lancaster Gate but needs must.

Tap East

tap east 2tap east 1

This was an excellent choice. We arrived just before the rush of Rugger types heading to the Olympic Stadium for the Barbarians V Samoa. We captured a table and joined up with others including Lord Powell and Geoff the Pike who had travelled up by Megabus. The centre of gravity in the pub shifted in the hour or so we were there. It started at the bar, the rugby types like leaning on them, creating a wall of cauliflower ears to penetrate. Then the team-shirted masses adjourned to the outside patio creating a vacuum for more girly types to be sucked to the bar. When we moved off the table was hoovered up by the now marauding pack of table hunting lions with barely time enough time for us to pick up our timetables and phones. I really like this pub / bar. Amazingly some of the Rugby types were not slow to express an opinion that they were expecting something more traditional within the modern shopping centre.

Underground (With my new Oyster Card, Ronnie) to Leyton.

Leyton Technical

technical 2

This pub was approved by rave reviews. It was popular and pretty busy with an excellent mix of Gashead Real ale fans and friendly Orient types. In truth there was an excellent beer selection and room enough to be comfortable. The large T.V. cast its World Athletics shadow over some of the chat. My disappointment came with finding a room laid up for tables to eat. It is one of my pet hates in pubs, especially when they are really busy, to have a sizeable proportion of seats saved on the off chance that someone might like to dine restaurant style. The room was by no means full so tables we left for the mystery diners while groups huddled around single chairs in the bar. This pub was so good that our planned trip to the Supporters Club bar was again postponed. In all likelihood we would probably struggle to get in there after 2 anyway.

The Game

Leyton Orient 2 Bristol Rovers 0 Attendance 5,777 (1,023 Gasheads)

It is very difficult to dislike Leyton Orient, not the club, the place or the fans. Every time we go there it is a good day out but lately this has also involved losing and sometime losing heavily. Do Orient fans gloat? No they don’t. They appreciate the ups and downs of a similar football heritage to ours. There was plenty to moan about today and I did take to facebook to rant my frustrations at the paucity of action from referees regarding the falling over that afflicts so may games. I do not however blame Orient or necessarily their club if the referee is so weak as to positively encourage hoodwinking.
Orient won well. Rovers had a bit of an off day. This was sure to happen sometime soon and at least the standard of the top of the table has been seen and experienced. In a curious way it was o.k. to lose this one because they were by no way significantly better that the Rovers.

Entertainment Value 4 Another decently entertaining game.

Man of the Match: Aaron Chapman. Our on loan goalkeeper kept us in the game with some fine stops.

Away Fans: A thousand made some noise throughout and to the very bitter end.

Spotted on Twitter:

crowd pic


Pasty                  1 Cold as well as soggy
Curry Pie          1
Tea / Bovril      1
Cost                   1
Extras               2 under the stand and relatively quick service
Take-offs          -1 running ourt of food by 2.30 is not a good sign
Add-ons            1

Total                 6

Post Match

Tube to Lancaster Gate and

The Mitre

Over the many years travelling to London we have visited this Young’s, now Wells and Young’s pub on many, if not most trips. We settled to a table while Nikki and the Trampoline emptied £28 from the team kitty. Seven drinks, £28 quid plus, is easily the most expensive of the day. We may well be revisiting plans for our later London trips. Having nothing remarkable for the money, we soon moved on.

Ronnie led the way up to Paddington and halfway back again to the:-

Sussex Arms

sussex arms

There was only one beer but the Punter was pretty good for being a loner. The pub is multi-screened and dismally dimmed to get the best of the large screens. We experienced the full shout-at-the-telly phenomenon as Everton dived their way to a 0-0 draw with Tottenham. It was busy and popular but I won’t be back in a hurry. Nothing wrong with the beer but ranting at a ref in a pub full of strangers does summon up images of institutionalised hospitalisation, white coats and heavy medication.

And that was it. Overall a good day. Tim was still with us, this always a good, if remarkable, sign. We hadn’t reached the singing stage. We caught the 8 O’clock train. We were amused by the appearance of the Swindon party crew heading to Bristol for their annual evening out. They had sussed that there were no guards to challenge them and proceeded to empty balloons of apparently legal gases, vodka mixes and tobacco pouches. They happily skinned up for their first experience of Bristol Nightlife. They were confused by the first stop being Bristol and not Chippenham. We missed a great opportunity to get them to stay on the train waiting for it to go further. I genuinely hope they had a good evening. In reality I worried for their group safety as they staggered happily into the darker non- roundabouted streets of my not always so fair City.

Pub of the Day: Tap East
Beer of the Day: Thornbridge Jaipur in the Leyton Technical.

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