Bristol Rovers V Barnet 22.8.15

Transport to game.

11.15 Bus to Cribbs Causeway (625 Wessex bus) and then No. 75 to Gloucester Road near Horfield Leisure Centre. It ran to time so I arrived at exactly 1 minute to 12.

Pre-Match pubs

Inn on the Green

inn on the green

This pub makes a bold claim to have the largest number of beers on handpump in the Bristol area. A count of thirteen is good but this was beaten later in the evening. The choice is good and in the spirit of trying beers that I know have a good reputation I went for the Goff’s White Knight. £4.10! For a pint? That board should change to the most expensive range of beers in Bristol. This pub used to be recommended by so many. Perhaps one factor in it seriously underperforming is the price of the beer. I sat in the garden, avoided tripping over the cat and planned an early exit. So much for an hour or so going down the list.
I should say at this point that the usual town centre jaunt is on hold today for two reasons. The first is that the chaps are watching Surrey at the County Ground. More importantly is that it is Rose’s birthday and in true sexist pig style I have left her at home working on some Uni. work while I go out to play, albeit on my own.

On to:-
The Wellington

Dark Star Hophead in the garden. This is excellent and the pub is starting to heave in the very hot sunshine. A couple of Barnet fans come and go. I hope they appreciated my giving them some shade as they ate and took my advice to avoid the Vic. The heat eventually drove me inside to read the programme and sample a Barnsey before heading off to the game.

The Game

Bristol Rovers 3 Barnet 1 Attendance 7107 (About 150 Bees. I gave up counting them and official reports appear also to have not bothered as well)

A third win in a row. An energetic and entertaining performance. Barnet tried to ruffle the team with three up front and some crude off the ball stuff that is the trade mark of their barrow boy manager. When they threatened to snatch something near the end Linesy just took the pace up a notch and the game was over. It could well have been five or six but that particular record is well and truly stuck. Three is enough for now.

Away Fans

barnet fans

65 of the Barnet fans just before kick off

Entertainment Value 4

Man of the Match: Ollie Clarke This is what all the fuss is about. A storming performance in midfield that showed he has so much more than just being a midfield stopper.

Post Match

Rose joined us to start her birthday celebrations. It is what she wanted to do, honest! We stayed until 6ish. Not much to add other than the chat was a bit easier given we had won and all were pretty content.
Bus to town. It should be said that a 40 minute wait at a bus stop has a sobering effect. For your contribution to our general welfare, First Bus Bristol, I thank you.

Small Bar

small bar

We now had a small group of 5, later to become 6. By now the rain was heading towards us and the perfect evening sitting at tables watching the world go by couldn’t happen. Wild and woolly beer, as is the trend in the Small Bar, didn’t hit my particular spot and soon we moved on to the drier and less upright pub along the road.

Beer Emporium

beer emporium

It has been a while as drinking in a dark cellar in the summer months doesn’t always appeal. Today it was perfect. The beer choice in this pub is always good. (15 handpumps) It tends to stock familiar good beers that have tried and tested reputations. To this they can be relied upon to add new beers for tickers to enjoy. I settled into the Marble Pint, then Bitter. We sat chatting for some time, able to do so over the general hub-hub. A good sign is that the time flies by. The others headed for their usual sing song in the White Lion. We headed for something of a birthday treat in the nearby Italian.

Guiseppes Italian


It is always busy here. They always manage to find us a table. The food is straightforward and very good. I am no food critic so I will leave any comment to others. We will be coming back.
Going home
Taxi home (£40). We would have stayed in a hotel but for some inexplicable reason the prices appeared to have doubled for this weekend. They can’t all be full of kite flying Barnet fans.
Pub of the day: The Beer Emporium
Beer of the Day: Marble Pint in the Beer Emporium

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