Yeovil V Bristol Rovers 15.8.2015

Transport to game.

We had a plan. A 50 mile journey of 1hr 40 minutes or a 65 mile journey in 1 hour 20. Peter de Meteor had kindly offered me, The Pikester, and the Lord a Lift, going via some carvery type pub and on to the ground. Pick up at 11 should be there well before 1.

The Motorway was virtually closed. Bristol’s main roads were full. Roads south were clogged with traffic avoiding the M5 or Bristol. By 1 we were somewhere approaching Glastonbury. We parked up at the Airfield pub, near the ground, at 1.45. Time for a couple of quick pints before a roadside walk to the ground. I will not criticise Pete or the planning. In fact I am grateful that we got there at all. The people who call this game a local derby have a few problems with their Geography. It would be quicker and easier to get to Reading or Aldershot than Yeovil.

Pre-Match pubs


Go to the Masons at Lower Odcombe. Sample their own brew beers and enjoy the sunshine in their garden.

The Reality

As we arrived so late it was:-

  yeo 3

The Airfield Tavern

I often get asked what my ideal pub is. The Masons is one of those examples I use. Occasionally the question arises as to what sort of pub I hate. The Airfield lies firmly in this other category. The photo sort of sums it up. We escaped from a bar crowded with Gasheads to the token garden, a set of chairs and tables hidden behind a hedge that separated the pub from the road. There was a choice of Tribute or Tribute. This was served by surly staff who had no notion of please or thank you, or even as to who had ordered the beer and therefore should pay for it. The beer was the definition of average.

The Game

Yeovil 0 Bristol Rovers 1 Attendance 5895 (2038 Gas)

This performance was similar to so many from last season. Rovers were clearly the better side, played well, defended comfortably but looked like they would never score. In the 88th minute Ellis did slam one home. He had been seriously unlucky not to have scored three more. The Yeovil keeper had one of those frustrating games that keeps him in the side for the next game in which he will probably drop one at the feet of the opposition striker in the last minute of a courageous draw. The comparison with non-league might be unkind but on this performance Yeovil look destined for that route out of the division.

Entertainment Value 3

Man of the Match: There were a lot of good performances but on this occasion it was Stuart Sinclair was my choice. I don’t normally go with the plaudits he receives from fans. He runs around a lot and almost makes good things happen. Today he was more focused on doing the right things in the right parts of the field. It helped that Ollie Clarke shared the hound dog role and Yeovil appeared to want to give the midfield plenty of time to make pretty patterns. Sinclair doesn’t do pretty patterns. He runs with pace, plays at a high tempo and keeps the team going forward. For once he did the simple stuff very well.

Away Fans

yeo 2     yeo 1

Plenty here but a bit quiet. A roof would help but it was all a bit, well, low key. It is certainly not a derby atmosphere. The roof, had it been there, would have come off when the goal was scored. There was a bit of faux hugging and back slapping. Some idiot threw on a flare and we all trooped away to the distance car parking spots to spend the next hour or two fathoming out the best route home.


Pasty                           0 (Not available, Ran out 20 minutes before kick-off)

Curry Pie                    1 (Last pie in town, seriously over baked)

Tea / Bovril               2

Cost                             1

Extras                         0

Take-offs                    -1 (20 minute queue)

Add-ons                     2 (Alternative Sausage Roll was at least good)

Total                          5

Post Match

Home by 7.30. All a bit flat

Plan for next game: Luton away Tuesday night. Pick up Ronnie and Bob at 2. Aim for somewhere that does food outside Luton early evening. Perhaps have one in town before the game. I am driving so no beer for me but still will look for some good pubs for those two.

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