Bristol Rovers V Birmingham City (League Cup only round) 11.8.15

Transport to game.

No chance to use public transport. The last bus home would leave an hour before the game began. The last train needs a frantic rush to the station for a last departure home at 10.25 from Montpelier. This would be fine on an evening league game but this “excitement of the cup”  my heart can  do without. Drive to the game it is then.

Pre-Match pubs


Park up near the Welly.

Sit in the garden chatting to mates as they arrive, then wander down to the game just before the teams come out, grab a pasty and more and settle in for the warm glow of a Rovers cup run starting under a blood red setting sun.

The Reality

match 2 welly

Wellington – The Birmingham fans had arrived in large numbers. They sold their allocation and chose wisely by taking most of the seats inside and out. They are a friendly bunch and I quite enjoyed the first half hour of so it took to down the excellent Bath Ales Barnsey. Alas I was alone so decided to move on to:-

match 2 clubhouse

The Clubhouse Bar – It was happy hour. It was easy to get a seat, the T.V. had some odd football stuff and the Butcombe Bitter was £2.30  a pint.


See food score table Scored 10 this time.

The Game

Bristol Rovers 1 Birmingham City 2

This game was everything that the previous Saturday was not. Rovers played at a quicker tempo and on the floor, there was a better set of individual performances and a genuinely good team effort; the result could have gone either way. This was in no small part due to the way Birmingham played. They attacked with pace, they didn’t resort to closing out the game with mind numbing time wasting. They tried to attack and entertain. The Birmingham fans were humorous and vocal. Birmingham City were all the things that Northampton were not and I salute them for that.

Entertainment Value 4

Man of the Match

Tom Lockyer was totally awesome. Strong, quick, careful in judging tackles and surprisingly good at picking out passes. He reminds me of Gary Mabbutt in his early years at the Rovers. Lets hope his career is as successful eh!.

match 2 brum fans

1150 Birmingham City fans keeping right on to the end of the road.

Post Match

Finalise plans for Yeovil

My plan

Pre match: Masons Arms at Lower Odcombe and on to the game

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