Bristol Rovers V Northampton Town. 8.8.15

Transport to first pub.

The plan: Rose is off to Bath for the day so why not go via Severn Beach Station, her to meet with Z in Bath, me off at Clifton Down and on to 12 O’clock meet with Ronnie and Bob. That would work and Rose would join me post match. Works as a plan for me.

The Reality: It appears many more had plans to go to Bristol from Severn Beach There were Shaun the Sheepers? Balloon festival gazers? Gasheads? We were milling at the platform end, waiting for the bus that does the first part of the journey to Avonmouth. It has to connect to the 11.15 train a 20 minute journey. At 11.10 we took it that it would not arrive, and even if it did, it would not make the connection. Those who stayed were left to take the standing room only option. We took to the car. Yes George, this is the reality of Bristol Public Transport. At 20 past 11 we passed the bus heading from Avonmouth to Severn Beach. I wonder how many of the people on the station made it to Bristol.


Pre-match pubs

It is the first game of the season. We are creatures of habit.

  1. Volunteer Tavern
  2. The Phoenix
  3. Taxi to the ground
  4. The clubhouse bar.

Highlights: Chatting to Clemmie in the Volunteer. Listening to Ronnie’s rant outside in the sun at the Phoenix. No beer with a wow factor today.

Lowlights: The Clubhouse bar was so crowded that I gave up on getting the planned final beer.


For this section I intend to try and get the same at every ground.

The menu is my cholesterol feast.


Curry pie

 Tea (or Bovril).

Quality of food                                         1 point is they have one,

2 for o.k.

3 for good.

Cost                                                                       1 – expensive

2= average

3 – cheap

Extras                                                           1 for quick service

 1 -for real milk in the tea

1 – point for being inside. This is important on a cold wet day.

Total marks out of 15

Take off random marks for other quirky things

Add on up to 3 marks if alternative taken to pie or pasty i.e.not available.

So for Northampton home 8.8.15

Pasty 3, curry pie 2, tea 2, cost 1, extras 1 = 9/15 They had one person serving the biggest game of the season so far (yes I know it was the first and only) but it was 8000 plus and it took 25 minutes and would run out five minutes after I was served and ten minutes before the game started. Add in the crush and failure to get a pint before the game MINUS TWO POINTS. so there  BRFC  you get  7/15

The game

Bristol Rovers 0, Northampton Town 1

Lets get this off my chest. I hate Northampton with a passion beyond my hatred of Bristol City, Bear in mind that I twice went to Wembley as a supporter of theirs. It is there that my dislike was cultivated. The fans see a different game to me, the team has a brand of football that is alien to me. The days out in the town are just plain boring to me. The ground is everything that is wrong with that, not now so modern, plastic Americanised out of town “soccer” experience. And then comes the way they play. There is a Northampton brand. It involves big, bruising park footballers who enjoy nothing better than kicking lumps out of the opposition while their smaller players engage in choreographed rolling and sniveling at referees about the injustice of it all. They have done it for years with variable success. They deserve everything they get, good and hopefully bad.

Entertainment value: 1 out of 5

Man of the match: Northampton’s David Buchanan for the consistency of his time wasting and diving.

574 away fans, not all in pink

northampton h

The best team won. Northampton were better than us. They deserved to win. They will do well this season. And that defeat hurt.

Post Match

1, Clubhouse bar and sky sports results. Sorting out trip to Yeovil. Upshot is the prospect of rail engineering works and traffic chaos so I will drive myself.

2. Wellington. Refurbishment complete. Bath Ales wishy-washy mild a disappointment

3. Bus to Stokes Croft.

4. Crofters Rights. When here I play spot the additions. New artwork, more space to rear and a decidedly unwelcome reek from below.

5. Bell. Noisy. A 7 p.m. disc jockey in the pub? Clue to landlady, everyone had left to sit in the now overcrowded garden. Thanks to some friendly youths we had a table from where we could shout to each other over the din..

6. Leave the others to it and head home courtesy of a returned Rose.

7. Kings Arms. A final pint, wished I hadn’t, hence a wash-the-mouth-out G+T to follow, and then home. At least the pub had less, but still loud, music and a game of crib to entertain. Not!

That was not the best of days.

Best Pub: The Volunteer Tavern

Best Beer: Oakham J.H.B. in the above.

Next Up Birmingham City at home in the League Cup on Tuesday.

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