Why pilningstedders blog?

Here we go again. It has been a while since I wrote anything that someone else might read but it is now time for me to inflict my ramblings on a wider audience again. Football and Real Ale is now finished, dead, gone, consigned to the past. I do get a nagging in my ear most weekends for the latest beer and pub information. Let me make it clear. I don’t have any latest news, I do not follow all the pubs like I used to do. I do not maintain my data base of information. I enjoy my Saturdays drinking with friends, watching the Gas and wandering to new places without the thought of commenting on the pub the day after. I have found avoidance techniques for the times when the group gets too large. If you want my opinion on a pub or places to drink please feel free to ask but remember I do not visit them regularly and my info. is now as out of date as those of CAMRA.

So why this blog?

I enjoy the writing bit. It is cathartic for me. I like to put ideas in to some form of written word. I have been writing for myself, thoughts and ideas mostly about where I live. I know that I have a very loose grasp of English Grammar. I have never had the patience to check if the verb agrees with the noun or if the tense is consistent with the voice. To me all that gets in the way of expressing what I want to say. In the last year or so I have had plenty of time to think of other things. I would now like to share them. I don’t really care that much if it is read by anyone or everyone. You, who have read my stuff before, will know that I am not particularly controversial or critical. I like to observe and record, to question and look for the good. I would like to nudge myself, not the reader, to get involved in  a rider range of interests. If you read this blog you will get a diary of a 56 year old, early retired ex person. Not ex as in deceased but ex as in defined by occupation / lifestyle. Ex married (widowed) man, ex teacher, ex publican, ex publicist, ex beer guide writer, ex single home owner (yes, Rose has moved in).

What can you expect?

Records of things I do. For example this evening I am starting as a member of a bus  focus group.

Diaries of trips to games and pubs visited. Last weekend we went to Newcastle. That has to be written about.

Thoughts about my local area. I have started to write a local history / village comment piece starting with some thoughts about Pilning Cricket Club and the landscape of the local area. Once it is tidied up it will appear here.

I do not want website access. I will publicise it through my twitter account, I am steddersgas, and through my Facebook account.

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